Studying in Canada


Studying in Canada

Studying in Canada


Not only is Canada famous for its vast snowy scenery and beautiful landscapes, but this country also has many interesting things that you want to explore:

  1. The Canadian name comes from the stupid "Kanata" meaning land, village or settlement
  2. The area of ​​Canada stretches 9,984,670 sq km and covers 6 time zones
  3. Canada is home to the longest street in the world. Yonge Street in Ontario originates from Lake Ontario and runs north through Ontario to the Minnesota border, a distance of nearly 2,000 km.
  4. The capital of Canada is Ottawa. It is an autonomous city south of Ontario and is one of the four largest cities of Canada
  5. Canada has the longest coastline in the world with 202,808 km
  6. The Rogers Center in Toronto, formerly SkyDome, is home to Sony's largest screen in the world (10m x 33.6m).
  7. Montreal is home to many beautiful churches and is often called the Holy City or the city of a hundred bell towers
  8. Ontario is believed to be the smallest prison in the world with an area of ​​24.3 m2
  9. Hotel de Glace in Quebec is built each year using 400 tons of ice and 12,000 tons of snow. This ice and snow hotel will melt in the summer and will only be rebuilt next winter
  10. The only desert in Canada is in British Columbia only 15 miles long and is the only desert in the world with a long walk for visitors
  11. The quality of Canadian tap water is usually better than bottled water
  12. People in Churchill leave their car doors unlocked in case their neighbors rush to escape the northern bears.
  13. In Canada, there is a polar bear prison, where bears break into people's homes to steal food
  14. People in the regions of Ontario and Quebec drink milk in a bag. They say the milk stored in bags will be easier to store, lighter than carrying a bottle of milk
  15. The Canadian word "Ê" is most commonly used in the central part of the country. Business Insider says that the Canadian "Eats" may come from the French "Hey" or Scottish "Eh".
  16. Canada is flooded with elk, and each can weigh from 350-400kg. So it's not uncommon to go across a lot of road signs that remind drivers of deer
  17. In Canada, there is nothing more than hockey, the sport of using ice bats, even as a "religion" with the almost absolute support of the entire population.
  18. Canadians like to talk about the weather more than anyone else in the world
  19. The amount of Canadian syrup that can produce is filled with 14 specialized swimming pools for Olymlic exams, and Quebec is called the "Kingdom of syrups".
  20. Wool Buffalo National Park in Alberta, Canada covers an area of ​​approximately 17,300 miles. This area is larger than the entire country of Switzerland only 15,490 miles.



Winter of Canada is considered the most harsh and coldest in the world, second only to Russia. For students in Vietnam in a tropical country, the winter of Canada is really a difficult when you have never experienced snowstorms and cold below 20 degrees C. However, winter is a time. Great time to visit and experience in Canada, especially for those who love adventure. From unique activities like cycling to activities like skiing and skating. In addition, Canada also has some festivals in the winter, so it is a pity if you do not try to immerse yourself and explore winter in Canada.

Entertainment activities are for the winter only in Canada.

1. Skating Rideau, Ottawa

Winter skating is a habit for every Canadian. On Rideau Canal, people are free to skate along the 7.8 km long boardwalk, and you can bring your own skis or rent them at the store. The skating rink is usually open from January to early March, and holds about 19,000 visitors a day.

2. Diving in the winter, British Columbia

It may be strange to think about snorkeling in the middle of winter, but divers think that this is the best time of year to dive into waters off Vancouver Island. In the summer, although the water is warmer, the proliferation of undersea creatures makes it difficult for explorers to see the sea. So, winter is the ideal time when the creatures have "hibernated" it is the ideal time to see and explore the underwater beauty of the ocean.

3. Ice fishing, Ontario

Fishing is a winter and traditional Canadian activity. One of the most popular is Lake Simcoe in Ontario, where you can be transported by sleigh to an igloo and experience it together. with the indigenous people.

4. Sleep in ice hotel, Quebec

One of the best winter locations in Canada is the Hotel de Glace. This hotel structure made entirely of snow and ice is the only type across the continent. Guests can choose a themed room, explore the great hall and enjoy drinks from the stone bar. Ice hotels are usually open from January to March, and are one of the most attractive destinations for people around the world.

5. Admire polar bears, Manitoba

If you love polar bears, then this is the right time for you to admire and start the travel journey at Churchill, Manitoba to see one of the most beautiful animals in the world firsthand.

6. Skiing, British Columbia

Whistler Mountain often has a longer winter dance than elsewhere and in fact, Whistler / Blackcomb has the longest ski season in North America. Along with the snow mountains, and a small village to explore this is really an ideal place that you cannot miss in the winter.


You want to study abroad and are wondering between choosing countries? Let Tri Viet explore and find out why you should choose to study in Canada.

1. Visa policy is favorable

Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world, but its population is not much and is on the aging population. Therefore, the government has issued many study abroad policies to attract international students who have the opportunity to study, stay and work in Canada.

2. Employment and settlement opportunities

Unlike other famous study abroad countries such as USA, Australia, or New Zealand ... Coming to Canada, the students are allowed to stay 3 years after graduation. During this time, students get to work and look for opportunities to stay through government policies.

3. High quality education

Canada always focuses and invests in many advanced infrastructure equipment to improve the quality of education for students. In international competitions, Canada always achieves high results, so the Canadian qualification is recognized and appreciated in all aspects.

4. The best living environment in the world

Based on the Economist Intelligence Unit's survey and evaluation, Canada is one of the most livable places in the world with strengths such as: high quality of education, high life, high life expectancy, crime rate Low, and has many scenic spots and natural environments. In which, some national parks have been recognized by UNECO as world cultural heritage

5. Pleasant cost

The cost of studying and living in Canada is much cheaper than in other countries. Depending on the living area, rents range from $ 350- $ 700 CAD / month. In Canada there are many Asian supermarkets, so students can buy food and cook themselves to save money.

6. National safety

Canada is famous for its humane, peaceful, clean and beautiful country, low crime rate and strictly controlled weapons and is not allowed to use freely in Canada.

7. Country using two languages

Canada is a bilingual country with two main languages: English and French. In which English is the main language and is widely used in the provinces. French is commonly spoken in Quebec and Montreal. Therefore, Canada is an ideal place for students who want to study a language major.

8. Multicultural, multi-ethnic

Canada is a country with many different cultures around the world, which facilitates students to meet and interact with friends from different countries. In addition, there is a diversity in cuisine and entertainment festivals with the characteristics of ethnic groups that are always held in Canada to help students reduce homesickness.

9. High technology

Canada is a world leader in computers and information technology, and Canada is also among the leading countries in the world to recognize the need for connecting schools and libraries through the Internet. Many countries around the world have been following Canada's SchoolNet model. The Industry Ministry's SchoolNet system has successfully made Canada the first country in the world to link schools and libraries to the information highway.

10. Canada is your home

Instead of pursuing your dream of studying abroad in the US, why don't you give yourself the chance to learn about Canada - its northern neighbor. Tri Viet assures you will never regret choosing this beautiful country of maple leaves !!!



1. General introduction

  • Located in the east of Toronto, Centennial College is the oldest public school in Ontario. Founded in 1966, it offers business programs, media arts, community and consumer services, computer applications, engineering technology, medical science, animation, and golf. music, film and design. Centennial College supports enrollment of 20,000 full-time and 20,000 part-time students each year.
  • In 2016, Centennial College was ranked as one of Canada's top 10 research universities.
  • Centennial College offers over 260 programs including: bachelor's degree, college degree, certificate, graduate certificate and internship programs, across a wide range of research areas.
  • At Centennial, students will be equipped and facilitated to study in an environment of adequate and advanced facilities. In addition, the study programs also provide internships for students to experience the real work environment with a team of dedicated and professional teachers.

2. Training program:

English program:

  • This is an academic and preparatory English program for students who have not met the university's required standard of English for entry. The program includes 5 levels.
  • Tuition: $ 5,040.00 / 15 weeks

Specialized programs:






1 year

2-3 year

4 year







Enrollment period

January, May and September

January, May and September

January, May and September

Entry required

General requirements: Complete high school program

English requirement:

- College and certificate programs: TOEFL PBT 550 or TOEFL IBT 80 or IELTS 6.0

- University Program ”TOEFL PBT 560 or TOEFL IBT 84 or IELTS 6.5


“Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning”

1. General information about Sheridan College:

Founded in 1967, Sheridan College is by far one of Canada's leading colleges. Every year the school trains about 18,000 full-time students and 35,000 transfer and part-time students from different countries around the world.

The school has three main campuses in Oakville, Brampton, and Mississauga, and with its modern learning environment, advanced machine applications, as well as a team of experienced instructors, makes Sheridan one of the The school is trusted and selected the most by students.

Sheridan is an ideal environment for students who love designing, dedicating music stage, graphics and animation staging.


Student Centre

2. The training sectors:

Sheridan offers a wide range of disciplines for students to choose from, including:

  • Animation, furniture, and design
  • Business
  • Community research and health
  • Technology
  • Computer application

Programs at Sheridan:

  • English preparatory
  • One-year certificates of Postgraduate Certificates
  • Two and three year college programs
  • Bachelor programs in Applied disciplines
  • In addition, the school has a number of majors associated with major universities of Toronto such as York University, University of Toronto

3. Entry requirements:

  • High school graduation
  • IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL IBT 80 for college majors
  • IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL IBT 88 for undergraduate studies
  • Tuition fees range from $ 14,000- $ 19,000 / year


  • English name: Niagara College (NC)
  • Vietnamese name: Niagara College
  • Type: public
  • Number of students: 9,000 full-time students and 15,000 part-time students
  • Location: Ontario, Canada
  • Website:

1. A quick introduction to Niagara College

Niagara College was founded in 1967 in Welland. Niagara College is one of the 24 largest public colleges in the province of Ontario and consistently ranks first for student satisfaction. The school is named Niagara Falls - one of the natural wonders of the world and across the international border between Canada and the United States.

The school has 2 campuses:

Welland: is located in the heart of the city and close to shopping and dining. In addition, the bus system is connected from the base to the shopping center which is convenient for students to travel.

Niagara-on-the-lake: located at Glendale Boulevard and Queen Elizabeth Road and also a major shipping route between Toronto and the United States. The campus is surrounded by vineyards and wineries. That is for the wine industry's training program.

Coming to Niagara College, students will have the opportunity to experience a national standard learning environment, equipped with classrooms with experienced staff and enthusiastic help students. international learning process. In addition, the school also organizes events, activities and co-op programs to give students the opportunity to interact, improve skills and work in a real environment.

2. Training program:

Pre-sessional English Program (EAP)
  • The EAP program provides English language courses to help students who do not meet the entry requirements of the major, The Program helps improve English skills such as listening, speaking, and pronunciation for students. The program consists of 5 levels, and after the end of the level 5 students have the right to register and start a specialized course.
  • Enrollment period: January, May, and September
  • Time: 4 tháng
  • Tuition: $4,700

College Program (2-3 years)

  • Including many industries such as Business Administration, Hotel Tourism, Economics, Law, Public Health, etc.
  • Conditions: iBT 79, or IELTS 6.0, no skill below 5.5. high school graduation
  • Enrollment period: January and September
  • Tuition: $12,750/year

Bachelor Program (4 years):

  • Conditions: IELTS 6.5, no skill below 5.5 or TOELF iBT: 80 High school graduation
  • Enrollment period: January and September
  • Tuition: $15,150/year
Post - graduate program:
  • Conditions: IELTS 6.5, no skill below 5.5 or TOELF iBT: 80 University graduate, GPA 7.0
  • Enrollment period: January and September
  • Tuition: $13,550/year


  • Type: Public school
  • Founded year: 1959
  • Address: 4700 Keele St, Toronto, ON M3J 1P3
  • Webpage:
  • Slogan: The way must be tried

1. Overview of York University

York University is located in Toronto - the largest city in Canada. York is ranked as the second largest university in Ontarion and the third in Canada

York University degrees are recognized around the world. York University currently trains about 55,700 students from different countries. 95% of York students get a job after 6 months of graduation. 98% of its lecturers own the highest degree in the field they are teaching.

2. Training program

  • English course:
    • Eligibility is High school graduation, taking the school's English test for classification
    • Semester fee: $ 3,295.00 / course
  • Bachelor Degree: Economics, Accounting, Engineering, History, Mathematics, Physics, Law, Environmental Science, Sociology, ...;
    • Conditions: Graduated from high school, GPA> B, IELTS: 6.5 or higher, TOEFL iBT: 83 or more (depending on the industry);
    • Tuition: $ 26,978.4 CAD - $35,419 /year;
    • Enrollment period: January, May and September
  • Masters: MBA, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Information Technology, Engineering, ...;
    • Conditions: Graduated from University, GPA> B, IELTS: 7.0 or higher, TOEFL iBT: 100 or more, GMAT, Letters of recommendation, work experience (depending on the industry);
    • Tuition: $ 13,671.64 - $ 26,020 CAD / year;
    • Enrollment period: January, May and September

Vari Hall

3. Highlights:

  • Dormitory: from here to the main campus students just less than 10 minutes walk, in addition to the surrounding there are many restaurants and cafes so students can relax
  • Shuttles bus: used in the winter to transport late-night students from campus to nearby residential areas.
  • York University subway: this is a subway station located right on the campus, after school students can directly take the train home without spending too much time waiting for the bus
  • York has 4 main libraries, including more than 700,000 different documents
  • The student center area is over 126,000 m2 including group meeting rooms, entertainment space, club offices, administrative support offices, etc.
  • More than 20 restaurants, cafes, department stores ... and gym with full sports facilities


York University train station

UMC Middle - High School

1. General introduction

UMC High School is a private school accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Province of Ontario, which was founded in 2008 as one of the top private schools and is the best choice for international students. Students want to study high school in Canada. Although it has only been established for 12 years, UMC has achieved many achievements as well as the confidence of parents - students not only in Canada but also neighboring countries.

Main base

The curriculum at UMC becomes 2 levels as follows:
  • Junior high school: from grades 6-8
  • High school: from grades 9-12:
    • Upon successful completion of the program students will receive a degree from the province of Ontario, Canada
    • Enrollment period: January, March, and September

2. Advantages of UMC:

  • UMC applies small classes, each class has only 15-20 students. This is convenient for teachers to focus on teaching and have plenty of time for each individual
  • UMC has native English speaking support staff and counselors to help students clearly plan their study plans after graduation.
  • In addition to the regular school curriculum, UMC will open more online or summer classes to help students shorten time and graduate early.
  • After school, students can join many clubs like singing, basketball, English ... to interact and become more courageous.
  • Discounts for next year
  • Entrance scholarships and graduate scholarships of $ 500 CAD or more


Disguise Halloween

3. Tuition


Grades 6-8

Grades 9-12


$15,500 CAD/ year

$15,600/ 8 subjects/year

 $19,500/ 10 subjects

Approval fee

$200 (no give back)


$1000/ year (no give back)



Housing Fee

$100/ month (3 meals / single room)

House Search Fee


Airport Transfer Fee

$200/ way

UMC – English School

  • English name: Upper Madison College
  • Type: private language school
  • Founded year: 2004
  • Address:36 Eglinton Ave West, Toronto, ON M4R 1A1, Canada
  • Webpage:

Upper Madison College- UMC is a private English school located in the downtown area of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Founded in 2004, the school offers a wide range of academic programs including English programs connected with prestigious Colleges / Universities in Canada, TESL, IELTS, Summer Camp and oral speaking programs. School of business and communication.


  • Students will be trained and communicated with native teachers
  • Location in the city center with easy access to public transportation and
  • community utilities
  • Insurance support, homestay and airport pick up and drop off
  • Provides many programs such as TESL training, IELTS, Business English and advanced classes
  • High presentation skills help students feel more confident entering the College / University environment
  • Multicultural learning environment, students from many countries such as Brazil, Saudi,
  • Columbia, Mexico, Turkey, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Vietnam etc.




Học phí

General English

1 – 43 weeks

$307 - $283 CAD

Commercial English

4 - 8 weeks

$1,680 - $3,150 CAD

Practice IELTS

12 weeks

$4,550 CAD

Speaking practice class

4 – 8 weeks

$1,680 - $3,150 CAD

University preparatory course

(University Pathway Program)

12 weeks

$4,830 CAD

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