Why do Vietnamese young people like to study in the US?


Why do Vietnamese young people like to study in the US?

Why do Vietnamese young people like to study in the US?

The United States is the most developed nation in terms of economy, politics, society, ... The criteria of the American education industry are comprehensive education, exploiting human potential. Studying in the US gives young people many opportunities to access to world-famous education along with modern infrastructure and equipment.

According to US government statistics, the number of Vietnamese students studying in the US in 2017-2018 reached 24,325, up 8.4% from the previous school year. Vietnam is also the sixth country in the number of international students in the United States and has contributed to the economy of the US $ 881 million. Here are some reasons why studying abroad in the US is so expensive, but the country has never been turned away by Vietnamese people.

Studying in the USA means more opportunities in the future

The US is considered a "low-lying area of ​​the gray matter" when the majority of prestigious universities are always in the top of the world-class evaluation rankings. With such a renowned education, there is no reason why American degrees are not recognized and respected in the world. In addition to improving academic knowledge, American students and students are also facilitated to participate in extracurricular activities to improve soft skills. With leadership, social, cultural and practical skills, students trained in the US have a lot of advantages compared to other countries when competing in today's globalized environment. . If you graduate from a university in the US, your job opportunities are not only limited within Vietnam but also have many opportunities to work abroad, for large corporations such as Amazon, IBM, Walmart ...

Respect freedom, emphasize the personality of students

American students and students are developed according to their own abilities and interests. This helps students to adapt to life changing daily, and does not constrain the thinking that follows a framework that loses creativity - this is something that Vietnam lacks in education. During class hours, teachers are not the center but only the role of instructor, all revolving around the learner. All learning programs are highly experiential, stimulate new discoveries, develop thinking, encourage learners to give their opinions and comments. Therefore, before going to class, students must read books and textbooks in advance to prepare their knowledge on the subject that day they will study. American teachers always remind students that they have a right to choose but not to force others to take their side or listen to their own choice.

Number of Vietnamese students in the US: MANY!

People may temporarily not know the other outstanding features of American education, but just witnessing so many Vietnamese students in the US will feel secure because they are not afraid to be lost. Prospective international students will have a wealth of help when they need it from overseas Vietnamese students. On the comparison scale, if you choose to study abroad in countries with few Vietnamese students, you will almost have to learn everything by yourself because it is difficult to find someone to go first to learn experience, if you accidentally feel her. In a country where people also find it difficult to meet their compatriots to share, some of you remember your country can only cover the 'crying sniffing' blankets.

Many scholarships and financial aid for international students
Once you have decided to choose the US as a study abroad environment, besides a beautiful transcript, you should take time to prepare early for the types of SAT, TOEFL iBT or IELTS. Moreover, extracurricular activities are also one of the necessary and sufficient conditions if you want to get a high value scholarship. And don't forget to invest your time and brainpower in your essay to conquer the American college admissions committee.

Usual U.S. scholarship application requirements will include:

  • Online scholarship application
  • 2 essays
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • University diploma and transcript
  • Resume
Depending on the school and each type of scholarship will have different requirements and conditions, so, please learn carefully to be able to receive the desired scholarship.

Education is like investing, you have to know the future to determine which is the best path for yourself. If you have the opportunity to study in the US, seize the golden opportunity to hone and train your knowledge and skills, these will be a solid stepping stone for you in the future.
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