Studying in Singapore


Studying in Singapore

Studying in Singapore

About Singapore

Singapore, one of the most beautiful and clean countries in the world, is famous for its green color along with the enthusiasm and compliance of the people. This tiny island is located one degree north of the equator at the southern tip of Malaysia. It is surrounded by the Strait of Malacca and the waters of South China.

Not only that with the education system, the highest quality teaching in Southeast Asia, Singapore is really a safe place where Vietnamese students can live and study.

Capital: Singapore

Area: 618 Km2

Population: 4,163,700 people

Currency: Singapore Dollar (abbreviated SGD)

Official languages: Chinese, Malay, Indian and English

Weather and climate:

Singapore's climate is quite similar to Vietnam's climate, which is tropical and sunny all year round. With the impact of the coastal region, Singapore's temperatures mostly remain between 24oC and 32oC. Singapore has very high humidity, about 84.4%. December is the month of continuous rain, February is the sunny month throughout the month, July and August are the hottest months with high temperatures reaching the maximum.


Singapore has a very efficient public transport network: taxis, buses and the modern Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system. Buses operate from 5.30 am to midnight. There are trips throughout the night depending on the area. The subway is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to serve the lives of Singaporeans.

For more information about transportation in Singapore, you can refer to:


Singapore is a multi-racial nation with many festivals and New Year of many countries such as Malaysia, India, China, Western countries ...

Singapore - Thaipusam Color Festival: held annually to pay homage to the Hindu god Subramaniam (Lord Murugan).

Chingay Festival: Chingay Parade or Chingay street festival is held every year in Singapore during the Lunar New Year. This is an opportunity for Singaporeans to express and strengthen their multi-ethnic culture.

Singapore education system

Singapore is an island nation with a relatively small area and population but Singapore has an education system inherited and developed from the long-standing British education system. Singapore places education as a key element in social growth and development.

Singapore education system:

Singapore is an island nation with a relatively small area and population but Singapore has an education system inherited and developed from the long-standing British education system. Singapore places education as a key element in social growth and development.

Singapore's system of public schools has a reputation for the quality of teaching and learning.

Preschool education:

Preschool education program is applied for children from 3 to 6 years old and is implemented through the system of kindergartens, preschools and child care centers. These systems must be registered with the Ministry of Education and licensed by the Ministry of Community Development and Sports. The program of study includes English and a second language program.

Primary education:

The elementary program lasts for 6 years, the first 4 years is the base period, the next 2 years is the orientation period. In the foundation stage, students will learn English, native language and some minor subjects, science subjects are taught from grade 3. When entering the orientation stage, students will be assigned to each class in accordance with their ability. skills and interests to maximize the potential of each child.

After completing grade 6 they must take the elementary school graduation exam (PSLE).

General education:

Students can choose one of the two junior high school systems below to attend:
  • Special system or accelerated system that lasts 4 years for students to earn a GCE “O”
  • Normally, students can study culture or technical majors to get GCE "N" after 4 years and will study 1 more year to get GCE "O".

After obtaining the "O" GCE, students will study to prepare for college entrance examination. Students can study for 2 years at high schools or 3 years if studying at a college.

Completion of High School, students will take the GCE "A" exam.

Completing college program, students will have college degree. There are 5 colleges in Singapore: Nanyang, Ngee Ann, Republic, Singapore, Temaseak.

In addition, after completing junior high school, students can also attend technical education institutes (ITE).

ITE is a basic post-secondary system for students who want to develop technical skills and knowledge in a variety of industries. In addition to providing full-time on-the-job training and internship programs for high-school graduates, ITE also provides supplemental study programs for working people.

University education:


  • National University of Singapore (NUS)
  • Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
  • Singapore Management University (SMU)

At these universities, they have trained excellent students with excellent qualifications.

At these schools there are many opportunities for research and scholarship opportunities.

Besides the domestic universities, many world-class international schools have chosen

Singapore is the place to open branches of the school such as: INSEAD, Chicago Business School.

In addition, Singapore has about 300 private schools specializing in commerce, information technology, arts and languages ​​offering courses to meet the needs of domestic and international students. Through the association with famous schools in the world from the US, UK, Australia ... private schools have offered students the opportunity to get international certificates and qualifications.

In order to ensure that Private Organizations (PEOs) meet the high standards of quality and standards required by the education industry, Singapore has issued certificates to evaluate the quality of schools such as: Case Trust for Singapore in leading education and Quality Certification. These certificates are issued by the Educational Services Evaluation Council.


  • English name: Management Development Institute of Singapore

  • Vietnamese name: Singapore Management Development Institute

  • Type: Private

  • Location: 501 Stirling Rd, Singapore 148951

  • Campus: MDIS has two branches: Singapore Management Development Academy - managing training activities and MDIS international - specializing in developing global cooperation strategies.


The Singapore Management Development Institute was established in 1956, and the Singapore Management Development Institute (MDIS) is Singapore's oldest non-profit professional academy for lifelong learning. MDIS has two main subsidiaries: Singapore Management Development Institute Pte Ltd to oversee academic activities in Singapore and MDIS International Pte Ltd to continue its globalization strategy.

In the course of educational activities, Singapore MDIS Academy not only focuses on knowledge training but also brings creative activities to students. The school always believes that social activities will help students develop comprehensively and gain more life experiences.


MDIS Singapore Academy is located in central Singapore, about a 15-minute drive from Orchard Road's "shopping avenue". Therefore, students can easily find shopping centers, cafes, cafes, banks, ... around the school area. Besides, the bus and subway stations are just 1-2 minutes' walk from the school, making it extremely convenient for students to travel and move.

3. Salient features of MDIS Academy

  • Associate degrees with many prestigious universities in the UK, Australia, USA; ensure students are awarded the Bachelor's and Master's degrees from these prestigious universities.
  • Many MDIS majors have 100% of US lecturers teaching directly. Students majoring in hotel tourism are practicing in the learning process with a salary of up to 71 million.
  • Singapore MDIS Academy supports student learning with Blackboard online tools and Video Streaming technology; allows students to access online to review teachers' lectures, learning resources and lecture notes at anytime and anywhere
  • Every year, MDIS supports many scholarships of up to 68 million VND and financial support of up to 43 million VND for Vietnamese students.
  • More than 400 highly qualified lecturers are recognized by renowned partner universities and over 200 full-time employees create a comprehensive learning environment.
  • Creating favorable opportunities for students if they want to transfer to other countries such as Australia, UK, USA while studying abroad.


Foundation College Course: 4,000 S $ - 7,500 S $

College Course: 8,025 S $

Advanced College Course: 9,630 S $ - 12,840 S $

Undergraduate course: S $ 16,050 - S $ 42,800

Masters course: S $ 21,400 - S $ 26,215

  • English name: Dimensions International College
  • Vietnamese name: Dimensions College
  • Founded: 1980
  • Campus:
  • 58 Lowland Road, Singapore 547453 (Campus chính).
  •  2 Jalan Seh Chuan, Singapore 598417 (Bukit Timah Campus)
  • 277 River Valley Road, Singapore 238318 (City Campus)


DIMENSIONS formerly known as DIMENSIONS "Commercial School" was established in 1980.

Dimensions School has 4 affiliated schools, offering a variety of courses to meet the needs and aspirations of international students.
  • School of Languages (Language School)

  • School of Hospitality (Hotel Management School)

  • School of Preparatory (School preparatory courses)
  • School of Higher Learning (Postgraduate School)


Dimensions School is located in the Tanglin area near MRT Redhill with a large area located at the former location of the headquarters of the Singapore Ministry of Education.

The school also has a campus in the National Library building in Singapore, Raffles area, just 15 minutes from the city center by bus.

The headquarter here consists of 4 floors with classrooms, student lounge, library, lab .. besides the school is based in the National Library of Singapore building in the beautiful heart of Raffles district of Singapore away from the center. City about 15 minutes by bus.


School level                                            

Tuition fees                                            


10,930 SGD


10,384 SGD


11,933 SGD


25,616 SGD


12,200 SGD


29,072 SGD


  • English name: James Cook University Singapore
  • Vietnamese name: Trường Đại học James Cook Singapore
  • Founded year: 2003
  • Branch of James Cook University

  • Addrees 149 Sims Dr, Singapore 387380
  • School Website:

James Cook University Singapore is affiliated to James Cook Australia Public University. It is one of the top 2% in the world and is the 9th best university in Australia. The university is ranked in the top 4% of universities in the world and is the leading tropical research university in Australia.


Top 2% of the top universities in the world and the leader in tropical science research in Australia

Top 2% of leading universities in the world for IT majors, Environmental Sciences, Business Administration, Accounting, Marketing, International Business, Human Resources Management, Psychology

Top 12 leading universities in the world for teaching majors in Tourism and Hospitality Management.


  • English Program at James Cook University:

James Cook University is the only University in Singapore to achieve the prestigious NEAS Certificate - the global organization for assessing the quality of English teaching. NEAS has endorsed and recognized the English Training Program at James Cook University because of the strict management policies reflected in the teaching, assessment and tests of the school.

  • University dual degree program & study time shortened
At the Singapore campus, the curriculum is consistent with the curriculum in Australia. The only difference is that the curriculum is located in an Asian environment with lower costs and enhanced class schedule with short study time: 2-year university, 1-year masters.

JCU bachelor's degree students can study two majors for the same amount of tuition and time. Not only does this save money, but early graduation with an Australian public university diploma recognized worldwide, students always have many opportunities and career prospects.
  • Studying abroad in 2 countries in 1 program of study

All James Cook University students are participating in the student exchange program to the beautiful town of Townsville, Cairns of Australia or cities in North America, Europe, Asia. This is an optional part of the curriculum for which students do not have to pay additional tuition. The University always encourages students to have these experiences and supports you in the process of choosing a place to live, get a visa.

This program gives you an understanding of different cultures, and receives training from two famous educational countries, helping students enhance the value of their diploma and create additional prices. It is the value of the students themselves, expressed in the autonomy, independence, foreign language knowledge & advanced culture, which employers especially favor.







3,745 SGD

4 Month/level


March, May, July, September,



Pre University

13,910 SGD

8 Month

March, July, November


College of Business & Information Technology

18,832 SGD

8 Month

March, July, November

Majors with a single or dual degree: Financial Management, Accounting, Business Administration, International Business, Marketing, Hotel and Tourism Management, Event Management and Sports

56,496 SGD

2 year

March, July, November

Bachelor of Information Technology

Business and environmental science

61,204 SGD


Master of Business Administration

37,236 SGD

12-16 Month

March, July, November

Master of Hospitality Management and International Tourism

49,648 SGD

Master of Professional Accounting

Master of Information Technology

Master of city planning and design

Double MBA and Master of Information Technology (E-Commerce)

16 Month

March, July, November

Dual MBA and Master degree in professional accounting

March, November

Dual MBA and Tourism Hotel Administration

March, July, November




1. General introduction

Founded in 1960, St. High School Francis Methodist School (SFMS) is Singapore's oldest private school. SFMS offers a wide range of study programs suitable to the education systems of many countries such as English preparatory courses (EAP), pre-junior high school (Lower Secondary), London Examination IGCSE system equivalent to "O" level , Singapore-Cambridge GCE “O” and “A” level, graduated from high school according to Australian system equivalent to grade 11 & 12 (AUSMAT), BTEC and Baccalaureate Program - Baccalaureate Program.

SMFS is proud to be one of the first 7 schools in Singapore to be certified by the Singapore Government as a quality standard private education organization (SQC for PEOs), ISO 9001, and the award for Human Development. , Innovation Class Award (Innovation Class) ... Currently, St. Francis Methodist School has about 1000 students from many countries such as China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea ... with small class sizes, classrooms equipped with modern teaching aids, teaching methods. Advanced teaching, the enthusiasm of a team of dedicated, experienced teachers. After completing the course at St. By Francis Methodist School, students can apply to attend prestigious Universities or Public Universities of Singapore or transfer to England, USA, Australia.

2. Why choose to study at St. Francis Methodist School?

  • The dynamic, flexible learning program is designed to maximize the learning experience for students from all over the world as well as open the door to universities in Singapore or other countries. like Australia, UK and USA
  • Teachers are very enthusiastic and care about students. The teachers have participated in Mindchamps teaching classes.
  • Dynamic and active learning environment with modern facilities, international standards and advanced teaching methods.
  • The school has students in 15 countries studying, culturally diverse.

3. Training programs

Pre-sessional English Program (EIP):
English levels: 1, 2, 3
Training time: Each level of training for 12 months
Entry requirements:
  • 12-year-old student
  • Completion of an elementary or equivalent program
  • Pass the SFMS test and interview.

Tuition: S $ 19,527

Lower Secondary School Program (Lower Secondary School)

Training time: 2 years

Entry requirements:

  • Completed elementary school program or equivalent
  • Pass the SFMS exam and interview.

Tuition: S $ 19,527 / year
Upper Secondary School

Training time: 2 years

Entry requirements:

  • From 15-19 years old
  • Successful completion of a 2-level education program or equivalent
  • Pass the SFMS exam and interview.


  • Western Australia (AUSMAT) Grades 9, 10: S $ 21,726 / year
  • Program "O" level (Sec 3 and Sec 4): S $ 20,597.5 / year
  • Cambridge IGCSE Program: S $ 21,817.3 / year

University preparatory program:

Training time: 2 years

Entry requirements:

  • From 15-19 years old
  • Pass high school 4 or equivalent
  • Pass the SFMS exam and interview.


  • IAL course: S$23,112/ year
  • WACE course: S$23,176.2/ year (grade 11)

                               S$24,155.25/ year (grade 12)

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