Common types of US student visas


Common types of US student visas

Common types of US student visas

For students who are planning to study abroad, a visa is the most important key to deciding to be allowed to go to the US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK ... to study. A thorough study of the types of student visas, the conditions for grant and the notes that students should not make, will help students increase the highest visa pass rate.

The US student visa is one of the most difficult to obtain with extremely strict terms. Depending on the type of student visa, there are different requirements, suitable for those with different purposes. There are many types of US student visas, including: F, M and J visas.

Common types of student visas

There are 3 common types of US student visas: F1, M1 and J1. Each type is aimed at different objects and purposes.

Note: * I-20 is a certificate of the school you intend to study, sent to the US Consulate, recognizing you are a student of the school and will attend the full-time program at school every year. On I-20, there is a regulation on how long you can stay in the US to complete your degree.